Duthlers, Buckhorn Grill, Saturn of Natick

Signet Emblems provide the luxurious look of direct embroidery without requiring the design to be sewn into the garment. The embroidered background is created to closely match the garment on to which it is applied. By matching the color and texture of the background, it is possible to achieve the look of direct embroidery while maintaining a standard size for easy placement and emblem reuse. This makes the Signet Emblem a perfect choice when your customer wants the look of direct embroidery, but also wishes to remain in a rental program.


  • Made with 100% polyester thread and fabric
  • Constructed using only the finest laminates
  • Available as text only emblems, company fronts, names or custom logo emblems
  • Standard size is 1 ¼″ x 4″
  • Name Emblems - Standard size is 1″ x 3″