Miscellaneous Products

Single Heat Seal Twin Heat Seal

Heat Seal Equipment

We offer a complete line of heat seal equipment to handle all of your stockroom applications.

In addition to bonding both embroidered and screen print emblems, these machines also seal identification tape and our Signet series emblems.

Monofilament Thread

Monofilament Thread

Monofilament thread is available in either clear or smoke tone for easy use in all of your sewing operations.

CLEAR $15.75 per pound
SMOKE $15.75 per pound
Most canisters average 2 pounds.
Baseball Cap

Caps — we offer Direct Embroidery on them.

For promotions or advertising purposes, caps are a great way to display your company name. Caps are available in either all poly foam, a poly foam front with a mesh back, or all poplin. The colors we offer are: navy, red, brown, or black.