What is Merlin?

Merlin was developed by ENTEC, the technology, research and development division of Ensign Emblem Ltd. to provide optional services to the industrial uniform rental and laundry industry. Merlin allows users to design emblems quickly and easily with its wizard interface, to store customer and emblem information in a database, and to recall stored designs for automatic layout and printing for sublimation to emblems, garments, or promotional items.

Why Use Merlin?


The Two Most Important Components

One of most important components of the Merlin system is the printer ink. Other inks can only dream about the results of our Merlin Plus+™ ink. Developed by Sawgrass Systems for the industrial laundry and rental uniform industry, this sublimation ink for inkjet printers out-shines others in its class.

The second of the two important components is the Mprés paper. This product is a high release paper developed specifically for the Merlin system. Mprés paper releases more dye on to the printable substrate than other papers of this type, creating richer, deeper colors and better clarity. Our paper also requires less press time and dries faster, which allows you to increase your productivity. Because Mprés paper gives you great prints at lower DPI settings, you will get the same richness of color you've always had while using less ink.

The Merlin Software

The Merlin software was designed specifically for the commercial uniform rental and laundry industry, and it provides user friendly features and simplistic operation without compromising any features of the graphics program. The Merlin system's software allows users to recover from almost any conceivable computer problem or error without losing data or designs, and offers remote system support from an ENTEC technician should it be needed.

Merlin System Components

The Merlin System is custom designed, built, and supported in house by the Ensign I.T. Hardware/OEM department. All Merlin systems are built from current, state of the art, quality components and fully tested prior to installation. When you get a Merlin system, you are getting the best computer available.

The Merlin system comes with everything you need to start producing emblems — complete system, monitor, scanner, printer, uninterruptible power supply, and more.

Warranty and Service

The Merlin System comes with a warranty that is second to none, covering every system component for 12 months, including the mouse and keyboard! If a component fails, you will receive a replacement the next business day. The warranty also includes tech support.

Extended warranty service is available for purchase in 1 year increments and provides the same exceptional coverage. Supplies are always in stock and shipped the same day if ordered by 5pm ET

Pricing Information

Call 800-521-0575 and ask for Sales, or email a sales consultant for pricing. Our sales plans are very flexible. We offer packages that range from just the system itself all the way up to plans that include two days of on-site training at your location and more.